Get Involved!


With a dynamic student population and exciting changes happening every day on campus, there is always plenty to do on campus when you're not in class!  

Student Organizations

The ASU Polytechnic campus has over 50 student organizations that range from an academic focus to sports focused to a range of special interest clubs.  To learn more about student organizations at the Polytechnic campus, click here.

Click here to learn about re-registering your organization. If you have questions about re-registering your organization or starting a new student organization, please contact  Lauren Dunning (480.727.1698).


Community Service & Student Leadership 

 The Student Union is here to connect students to community service projects and opportunity that enhance leadership.  Learn about leadership and how to make a purposeful and positive change in your community by being part of the Cooley Leadership Academy.   Want to find out additional ways to be engaged in service and leadership?  Contact Lauren Dunning (480.727.1698).


Programming & Activities Board at the Polytechnic campus (PAB)

The Programming & Activities Board at the ASU Polytechnic campus (PAB) coordinates social, educational, and culture programs for the entire student body.  PAB coordinates the Game Day Shuttles to the home ASU football games, Homecoming, Late Night Break-Feast, comedians, movie nights, , and several other events throughout the year.  Most of their events are free to ASU students.  To learn more about PAB, please call 480.727.1699.


University Student Government of Arizona State University Polytechnic (USG)

The University Student Government of Arizona State University Polytechnic (USG) is the student government entitiy at the Polytechnic campus.  USG provides a forum for student views and opinions, ensures communication between students, faculty, administration, and promotes student success.  Click here to learn more about USG.


Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association at the Polytechnic Campus of Arizona State University (RHA-P) is a student run organization that strives to enhance the quality of life for all students living on campus. As an organization, we aim to focus on the development of student leaders, creation of unique and inclusive programs and special events, provide opportunities for campus, regional and national leadership conferences, and continue to effectively advocate for our residents. Serving as the voice that resonates throughout campus, our members are presented with various opportunities to grow academically, personally, and professionally. But the most important goal we attempt to achieve: is continuing to serve all residents, so that their time as Sun Devils remains a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Click here to learn more about RHA.